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ICAF | Italy-China Architectural Forum

Shanghai International City And Architecture Expo
November 22nd to 24th, 2018

ICAF | Italy China Architectural Forum


“World Cities Day” is the first International Day promoted by the Chinese government to the United Nations and inherits the spirit of “Better City, Better Life” at the Shanghai World Expo.

Shanghai International City and Architecture Expo is trying to create a platform for displaying international and domestic urban construction and management cases as well as promoting exchanges and cooperation among enterprises.

This year’s exhibition theme is “Eco-City,  Urban Green Development” and will be held from November 22nd to 24th, 2018 at the Convention and Exhibition Center in Shanghai.

The city of Turin was invited to participate at the Expo as “Honoured Guest City”.

2018 Shanghai International City and Architecture Expo

2017 Review

The World Cities Day is the first international day established by Chinese government in United Nations, regarding to the inspirit legacy from the Shanghai Expo in terms of " Better City, Better Life". A great varieties of activities has been held both abroad and at home since the first World Cities Day taken place on 31st October 2014. As an annual event for World Cities Day, Shanghai International City and Architecture Expo is organised by United Nations Human Settlements Programme, Shanghai Housing and Urban-rural Construction Management Committee, Urban Planning Society of China, and The Architecture Society of China. The event has drawn high attention from society and become an excellent service platform showing the overseas and domestic city planning works and facilitating the communication and cooperation among enterprises. 

The theme of 2017's event was “Innovative Governance, Open Cities”. The three-day event was held during 31st Oct-2nd Nov at National Exhibition and Convention Center(Shanghai) covering 50,000 sq. m. areas, containing 12 theme exhibition sections, focusing on over 300 enterprises working on city planning and design, transportation, sponge city, smart city, application of BIM technology, urban infrastructure, green landscaping, green building, etc. At the same time, 15 sub-forums was also held. The exhibition attracted a total of 60,000 visitors including government officials, professional visitors and general public, was reported by about 20 media such as Shanghai Television Station,  Xin Min Evening News, and East day, which drew much attention from society.

Objectives of Event in 2018

To actively respond to the goal of "speeding up the reform of ecological civilization and building a beautiful China" at the 19th National Congress. To implement the concept of innovation, coordination, greenness, openness and sharing. To advance urban green development, improve urban living environment and innovate urban governance.

Focusing on the vision of making Shanghai an outstanding global city in 2040, the group will explore market focus like infrastructure, smart city, green ecology and urban renewal, concentrate on the demand of park construction and development, renovation of community public spaces and improvement of residential comfort, highlight the four functional platforms in forms of brand display, project procurement, technology exchange, and policy support, lead the industry to develop, nurture emerging markets, provide government and market with services integrated of investment, construction, operation.

 Event Plan in 2018

The schedule is primarily arranged on 25th - 27th Oct (23th - 24th for construction) at hall 5.2 and hall 6.2 in National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai). The areas are around 40,000 sq. m. and available for 1800 booths. The intended four sections are shown as follow. 
Urban Infrastructure
  1. Industries: 
    road and bridge and tunnel, underground pipe gallery, sponge city, port and airport, special town, industrial city (district)
  2. Relevant Organisations:
    MCC (Metallurgical Corporation of China Ltd.) , SMEDI (Shanghai Municipal Engineering Design Institute (Group) Co.),  ZPMC (Shanghai Zhenhua Heavy Industries Co.), SGIDI (Shanghai Geotechnical Investigations & Design Institute Co.), CCCC Third Harbor Consultants Co., Greenland Group, SMI (Highway) (Shanghai Municipal Investment (Group) Co.), STEC (Shanghai Tunnel Engineering Co.), Shanghai Shentong Metro Co., Shanghai Mechanized Construction Group Co., SAA (Shanghai Airport Authority), SIPG (Shanghai International Port (Group) Co.), Qingpu District , Jinshan District, Fengxian District, STSTC (Shanghai Taopu Smart City of Science and Technology Development Construction Co.), Shanghai Urban Construction (Group) Co., 3M Company, XCMG (Xuzhou Construction Machinery Group Co.), etc. 
  3. Market Prospect:
    In the recent 10 years, highway tunnels have been newly built 350km per year. The construction of highway tunnels has entered a period of rapid development. It plays an increasingly important role in the construction of transportation infrastructure.
  4. Industry Systems:
    construction and development organisations, surveying and design, construction, equipment companies, supervision and evaluation, operation and management companies
  5. Product Range:
    road construction, surveying equipment, pile foundation equipment, steel concrete construction, road and bridge templates, astigmatic and reinforcement and waterproofing technology and materials, tunnel lighting, TBM / shield boring machine, GIS / BIM technology, energy-saving ventilation and lighting technology, waste asphalt pavement, steel, cement recycling 
Sponge City and Underground Pipe Gallery
  1. Market Prospect: 
    Urban underground pipe gallery is an important part of urban infrastructure. At the executive meeting of the State Council at the end of July, Premier Li Keqiang deployed the construction of urban underground pipe gallery. The center of urban construction shifted from the ground facilities to the underground facilities, the development and utilization of underground space.
  2. Industrial Systems:
    municipal planning and design organisations, production, construction enterprises, research institutions, third-party testing agencies, operation and management companies of information systems
  3. Product Range:
    assembled pipe gallery products, pipe materials and pipelines, pipe gallery template, information management system, trenchless technology, drilling rig, valve, aseismaticequipment, electronic identification, testing and monitoring equipment, repair and reinforcement technology materials
Maintenance and Construction Safety
  1. Market Prospect:
    After years of large-scale construction, China's road network has basically taken shape and is about to enter the climax of road maintenance and repair. At the same time, the increasingly heavy traffic pressure puts forward higher requirements on the efficiency and quality of road maintenance. Therefore, there is huge room for future development and a promising market.
  2. Industrial Systems:
    municipal engineering management department, construction and maintenance general contracting, chemical materials manufacturing enterprises, machinery and equipment manufacturing enterprises
  3. Product Range:
    traffic signs, fence, roadblocks, reflective materials, marking materials, marking machines, wrecker vehicles and special vehicles, scaffolding, aerial work equipment, safety equipment, concrete technology, emergency equipment, rapid detection technology, maintenance analysis system, maintenance equipment, asphalt pavement sealant, anti-crack stickers, tapes
Smart City Construction
  1. Industries:
     intelligent transportation system, BIM technology application, smart lamppost, smart charging pile (station), vehicle networking, Beidou navigation, cloud computing, big data, mobile internet
  2. Relevant Organisations:  
    State Grid Corporation of China, China Telecom (China Telecommunications Corporation), China Mobile (China Mobile Limited), Potevio Company Limited , Tianjin Zhongmai Investment (Group) Co., Shanghai Ba-shi Public Transportation Group Co., Shanghai Internet Software Group Co., Kuan's Living S.r.l., Yanhua Smartech Co., Shanghai Urban and Rural Construction and Transportation Development Research Institute, Shanghai Urban Construction Design and Research Institute (Group) Co., SEARI (Shanghai Electrical Apparatus Research Institute (Group) Co.), Yaming Lighting Co. (instrument and electronics), Cosco Shipping Technology Co., Pugong, Sansi Technology Co., Crelead Group Co., Prona, Focusic (China) New Energy Holding Co.
Intelligent Transportation System and New Energy Public Transportation
  1. Market Prospect:
    With the deepening of urbanization, intelligent transportation has become an important part of smart city construction, safe urban construction and low-carbon transportation construction. The development of intelligent transportation system has entered a new stage. In order to transform the development of urban transport in time, many cities in China have put public transport at the forefront of urban transport development in order to enhance the level of urban public transport. In the fields of planning and layout, facilities construction, technical equipment, and operation services, public transport development will aim at green + intelligence, implement safeguards, innovate system and mechanism in order to form a new pattern where urban public transport develops preferentially.
  2. Industrial Systems:
    planning and design, research and development, system integration, product and service, commercial operation, information service, new energy vehicle manufacturing enterprise, public transportation investment and operation enterprise
  3. Product Range:
    Product Range: networked control products, automatic control equipment, testing equipment, motor-related products, frequency converters, pure electric bus, motor and electronic control, batteries, materials, remote intelligent monitoring platform
Smart Lamppost
  1. Market Prospect:
    With the concept of "Smart City" implemented, smart streetlight has become the "Blue Ocean Market" for many corporations. The LED smart street light plays an important role in the construction of smart city. The "multi-functional" street light becomes an effective assistant for government departments. As the application extends, the technical requirements vary in different regions and places.
  2. Industrial Systems:
    municipal planning organisations, grid enterprises, industrial product design enterprises, intelligent technology integrated enterprise
  3. Product Range:
    smart monitor terminal, data server, LED street light, RFID professionals or vehicle monitoring, HD video monitor, emergency voice call 
Smart Charging Pile (Station)
  1. Market Prospect:
    Filling / recharging facilities is an important ancillary infrastructure necessary for urban development and construction. At present, as technology develops, policy support and enterprises invest more to improve the criterion and market supervision system and establish an open and competitive charging service market; accelerating the sustainable "Internet + charging infrastructure" industrial ecology system and expanding related value-added services will bring unprecedented opportunities for the development of the charging pile market under the updating circumstance. It is estimated that the charging pile market will achieve nearly one trillion Yuan of blue ocean prospects in the future.
  2. Industrial Systems:
    grid enterprises, manufacturing enterprises, service and operation enterprises, electric car companies, information communication and internet companies, research institutes, third-party testing agencies
  3. Product Range:
    intelligent charging equipment; ancillary facilities and equipment; capacitors, storage batteries and battery management systems; automotive power supplies, automotive chargers, motors, electronic control; charging related technology; distributed micro-grid, photovoltaic energy storage control system; charging station monitoring system: charger monitoring and management system, power distribution monitoring system, communication management and monitoring system, security system, charging facilities construction and operation system
Green Ecology
  1. Industries: green building, renewable energy, solid waste treatment, food waste disposal, domestic waste disposal, integrated water environment management, landscaping, building greening, ecological rehabilitation
  2. Relevant Organisations:
    Shanghai Garden Group Co., Shanghai SMI Environmental Industry Co., Shanghai ZhongQi Environment Technology Co., Shanghai LIRI Technologies Co., The Valspar Corporation, Urban Construction Material, Baosteel Co., Shanghai Research Institute of Building Sciences (Group) Co., Shanghai Julong Greenland Development Co., Caohejing Ecological Construction Co., Shanghai Electric Group Co., CSIC (China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation)
Comprehensive Management of Water Environment
  1. Market Prospect:
    The National Development and Reform Commission has issued the "Plan for Comprehensive Management of Water Environment in Key River Basins during the Thirteenth Five-year Plan". The plan is to further accelerate the construction of ecological civilization, implement the national "Thirteenth Five Year Plan" and "Water Pollution Prevention and Control Action Plan" on the overall improvement of water quality requirements, give full play to the effect of water pollution prevention in key river basins for the national investment guidance, promote the construction of major projects in the comprehensive management of water environment in the key river basins of the "13th Five-Year Plan", effectively increase and improve the supply of basic public services in environment, improve the water environment quality in key river basins, restore the ecological environment and ensure water safety.
  2. Industrial Systems:
    product equipment manufacturing and procurement, and water environment treatment construction (water environment management main project construction and supporting facilities construction)
  3. Product Range:
    Sewage equipment, mechanical filters, filters, sludge filter presses, deaerator equipment and centrifuges
  1. Market Prospect:
    Under the background of the urbanization progress, the national urban planning policy and the requirements of "garden city" and "eco-city" allow local governments to emphasize the construction of gardens in urban construction. At the same time, need of comfort for urban living and the increasing consumption of real estate also stimulated the continuous increase of the landscape rate, which provided favorable conditions for the landscape trade to enter the high-speed development channel.
  2. Industrial Systems:
    seedling production and sales, landscape design and consulting, landscape construction, landscape conservation
  3. Product Range:
    garden design, three-dimensional greening, building greening, landscape decoration, landscape sculpture, horticultural materials, garden machinery and tools, intelligent ecological plant fence, integrated technology of economical landscaping
Green Building
  1. Market Prospect:
    Green construction is an important manifestation of sustainable development ideology in construction project. It is based on the principle of prioritizing environmental protection and to put efficient use of resources at the core. It pursues low consumption, high efficiency, and environmental protection achieving the concept of maximizing the benefit of economics, society, environmental protection and comprehensive ecology at the same time. 
  2. Industrial Systems:
    green building materials manufacturing enterprises, design and construction general contracting organisations, BIM software development companies, environmental resource recycling companies
  3. Product Range:
    promotion and application of BIM technology, integration of insulation and decoration, building waterproofing, construction templates, recycling of construction waste
Livable and Comfortable Living
  1. Industries:
    drainage and sewerage, water purification, heating and new energy, gas heating, ventilation and air cleaning, smart building, smart home, smart meters (water, electric and gas)
  2. Relevant Organisations:
    Shanghai SMI Water (Group) Co., Shanghai Pudong Veolia Water Corporation Limited, Shanghai Gas (Group) Co., Shanghai Rinnai Co., Noritz China Co., Haier Inc., Qingdao Sanli Group Co., Linuo Ritter International Co.,  Nanfang Pump Industry Co., Weixing Group Co., Vaillant Group, A.O. Smith Corporation, Realnen, Aldes Group , Shanghai Tianhe Smart Home Technology Company, Veiga, COZY, micoe
Water Supply and Drainage, Gas, heating and ventilation, New Energy Use
  1. Market Prospect:
    With the development of urban economy and the remarkable improvement of people's living standards in our country, people are also demanding higher quality of residential buildings. Residential building is not only the carrier of living, but also the place where people enjoy leisure and high-quality life, which puts higher demands on the comfort of residential buildings.
  2. Industry Systems:
    property developer, design companies, component suppliers, equipment manufacturers, system integrators
  3. Product Range:
    three-meter intelligent information collecting system, three-constant system, boiler and heat source products, solar photovoltaic, ground source heat pump, distributed energy, pipe fittings, water reuse, water supply and drainage and pump valve, secondary water supply and smart waterworks, sewer system, rainwater collection and utilization, water purification, air energy
Smart Buildings and Smart Home
  1. Market Prospect:
    With the rapid development of new-type urbanization, the continuous expansion of building intelligent application segment, and the strong support of national industrial policies, the smart building market become a new nugget. Smart buildings have shown great advantages in low-carbon and energy-saving sections bringing more comfort for people's lives at the same time.
  2. Industrial Systems:
    construction organisations, equipment manufacturers, system integrators, property companies
  3. Product Range:
    cabling system, building communication system, building automation technology, building automation system, building intelligent power supply system, intelligent security, intelligent gateway, community recreation facilities, self service facilities
Ventilate, Fresh Air Purification
  1. Market Prospect:
    China is in a period of rapid industrialization, urbanization and new rural construction. There will be huge market supply and demand in the fields of air purification, ventilation equipment and fresh air systems. It is predicted that in the longer term, the scale of this sector will exceed 1,000 billion and enter the rapid development period.
  2. Industrial Systems:
    material manufacturers, system integrators, equipment companies, installation and maintenance companies, monitoring system suppliers, design organisations
  3. Product Range:
    ventilation equipment and technology, environmental control systems, purification and control equipment, functional materials, testing equipment, cleaning equipment and services
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